An American Griot (Artist /priest/teacher)

Turbado (born James C. Miller, Jr.) is a celebrated storyteller. He is a graduate of Florida A&M University and received his M.F.A. in printmaking from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Turbado began his storytelling career in Chicago IL, where he told stories to terminally ill patients at La Rabida Children’s hospital Chicago IL and at the African Festival for the Arts. During the summer months, Turbado worked as a muralist on several projects commissioned by the Chicago Public Art Group.
His passion for the Arts and African Diaspora culture and folklore are expressed through his skills as a storyteller. He uses the stories and legends in his programs to teach history, good character, cooperative conduct, self-love and understanding to his audiences of all ages. “Our words can destroy our words can
heal and create. The vibrational power of the words is a gift we must all cherish to speak truth to the misuse of power To use our words in a ritualistic expression for
justice and to heal the collective heart of humanity.”

Turbado’s dedication and adherence to authenticity led him to be initiated as a priest in the Yoruba culture an African Diaspora culture that can be found in
West Africa, South America, North America, and Cuba. It’s origins can be traced to Nigeria, Ghana Benin, The Congo and Togo.

Baba Turbado has become a fixture on the Gainesville and Alachua county area. He has performed in several Alachua County Library locations, at festivals and community centers and several Juneteenth celebrations
Turbado continues to expand to contemporary storytelling platforms, participating in Guts & Glory, and Story Gainesville .

Turbado’s performance history includes a variety of roles ranging from stage (Papa’s Blues at the Cross town Repertory theater) Tan Tan Julian in Once was
this Island at the Star Center, to Santa Claus (the 1st and second annual Pleasant Street Holiday on the Avenue parade) and the high Spring’s holiday parade.
He continues his work today as a practicing visual and performing Artist, educator and creative life coach. Stay tuned for the re-branding and launching of his new company Deeproots Art & Culture creative Services LLC. Turbado currently resides in Gainesville’s historic Pleasant Street District where he was born and raised…..Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls introducing the never ending the one and only Turbado.


Session Title: The Lenses We See Through: The Stories We Tell For Community Growth and Connection

Session Description: This workshop will investigate the narratives and paradigms a community uses as coping strategies and defense mechanisms to preserve and teach a  for growth and preservation.

Track: Community Growth