Assistant Director, UF Training & Organizational Development

As Assistant Director of UF Training & Organizational Development (T&OD), Scott brings 20 years of teaching, educational technology, instructional design, project management, and multimedia production experience to his work as a leader.  Scott interfaces with UF subject matter experts to produce first-rate professional development opportunities for faculty and staff, oversees numerous campus-wide training programs, manages a team of talented instructional designers and trainers, and teaches a series of leadership, productivity, creativity and communications courses. As a professional who wears many hats, Scott is passionate about teaching the importance of prioritizing, planning, creative thinking and communicating as key skills for effective professionals and leaders. Prior to joining T&OD, Scott served as the coordinator of instructional design for UF’s College of Pharmacy for five years. Scott has also worked in the corporate world as an instructional designer, most notably for Regeneration Technologies Inc. in Alachua, FL. Scott began his career teaching high school English in Pennsylvania. 


Session Title: Beware of Your Stories:  Rise Up, Revise, and Reach Your Potential

Session Description: What stories are you telling yourself and others about the things you experience at work?  How do you interpret and respond to your circumstances?  If your career were a movie starring you as the protagonist, what would be the genre?  A drama?  An adventure?  A comedy?  A tragedy?  When it comes to your work performance, are you creating a positive narrative that leads to inner peace and drives tangible results?  Or are you weakening your impact and your team’s performance with negative thinking and a long list of excuses?

By the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • Explore the destructive thought patterns that are holding you back from your best performance
  • Apply strategies to “revise your story” and approach work with renewed vigor and enthusiasm
  • Recognize the power of using data and success stories to create a positive relationship with your leadership, colleagues, and customers

You are the author of your script.  By adopting an anti-drama, facts-based approach to work, you can release frustrations, protect your energy, model excellence, and achieve next-level success.    

Track: Organizational Growth