Occupational Therapist, LCS Occupational Therapy

Prior to working as an Occupational Therapist, I worked in Public Health developing and delivering health education programs to children and adults. I loved helping people learn about new things. I especially loved finding creative and fun ways to teach those lessons. But, I knew I wanted to have a more direct, one-on-one impact with people. I chose Occupational Therapy because it emphasizes engagement in the activities that matter to a person and bring meaning to their life – in fact, in “OT Speak” we call those activities “occupations”.

I’m a proud graduate of the University of Florida and have been an Occupational Therapist for 7 years. I’ve worked with young children and adults throughout that time, focusing on neurological injuries. My work often led me into the psycho-social aspects of Occupational Therapy – helping people cope with a new way of life after significant injury, finding new meaning in different occupations when old occupations didn’t fit anymore, and walking with clients through life’s difficult moments like chronic or terminal diagnoses, traumatic life events, or coping with the daily stresses of parenting. Working in traditional hospital or outpatient settings can be fast-paced. I often felt I did not have enough time to fully listen to my clients, to fully understand the nature of their concerns and to apply to the best treatments possible. I chose to start a private practice so I could treat my clients with individualized attention, provide them with consistent access to the same therapist, offer well-researched evidence-based interventions and offer the authentic caring atmosphere everyone deserves.

I enjoy working with my clients collaboratively to help them meet their goals. I work with kids and adults using a functional treatment approach – that means we’ll work together to identify the things that are the most problematic for you, then develop a treatment plan to work on them, together. I specialize in life-skills training, executive functioning/cognition, feeding therapy, community re-integration, psycho-social functioning, and the emotional regulation/developmental/sensory impairments associated with the experience of trauma.

I am a wife, mother to two kiddos, and dog-Mom to our three-legged goof Spencer! In my free-time I enjoy visiting Universal Studios with my family, attending community events in Gainesville, seeing concerts with my husband, and being present with my family. As a parent, I have navigated many of the same issues I treat professionally. I am an adoptive Mommy to a kiddo who had severe feeding issues that required a G-tube – we’re tubie graduates now! I “get” trauma on a personal level. I “get” being a parent to a kiddo with medical challenges. I would be honored to walk a part of this journey with you.

I understand you only want the best for your loved one and am happy to share my Curriculum Vitae which highlights my experience in program development, leadership, Occupational Therapy, community service, my role as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Florida, and the numerous awards I have received.

I look forward to working with you!


Session Title: What Occupies Our Time: What We Do or Who We Are?

Session Description: In Occupational Therapy, “occupations” mean much more than jobs. Occupations are all the many tasks and roles that fill our day – the minutiae and the marvelous. What we do is inevitably influenced by other factors: time, the environment, resources at hand and more.  Across our lives, engagement in these activities ultimately writes the story of our lives. If what we do ultimately becomes who we are – how do we make sure we’re doing and being the things that matter most to us? It all starts with taking stock of all the things you currently do, what supports your efforts and what’s getting in the way. In this interactive workshop, you’ll be invited to consider the question, “Am I happy with the story I’m writing?”

Track: Personal Growth