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With Self Narrate having become a hub for storytelling and storytellers in Gainesville over the last few years, Jaron and I have started to learn who in the area is using storytelling in their work and who is collaborating with whom, and more importantly, who isn’t. The reason for the latter is rarely competition or ill-will, but almost always a matter of siloing. When someone is passionate about the work they do, and especially when that work is meaningful and life-changing, they can sometimes get used to doing things a certain way, with a certain group of collaborators and colleagues. While this is fine, think of the good we can do as a community of storytellers who are connected with each other and invested in each others’ research, work and successes. We can learn from each other, but the first hurdle is that initial connection.


This line of thinking inspired a thought… “what if we could get everyone who is passionate about storytelling in Gainesville together in one place so that we can all connect and learn from each other?” Seeing as how there isn’t an established space for this, we realized that we could create that space! (Creating spaces for communication is in our mission after all!) At this moment, STORY:GNV was born.

We’re bringing together many exceptionally talented people to speak and participate on panels at STORY:GNV. This is a group of Gainesville’s finest storytellers and practitioners. Learn from them as they share valuable tips on how they do what they do better utilizing story techniques. Connect with the speakers and other attendees! This conference is meant to be a breeding ground for ideas and, well, new stories! Everyone that attends shares your passion, so approach them! Learn their story and find ways to connect.

We can write a new chapter in Gainesville’s story, but only if we do it together.

-Brandon Telg, Co-Founder, Self Narrate


Connect With Gainesville's Storytellers

Meet the experts, get involved in community

STORY:GNV is Developing a Culture of Story


Gainesville is a unique city. Gainesville has a community and culture all its own. The people of Gainesville care deeply about building the story of Gainesville, and the goal of STORY:GNV is to be a catalyst in developing that story.

Story is a powerful tool for growth. There are a number of people using story techniques in the community to achieve their goals, but, until now, an infrastructure did not exist to bring them together. STORY:GNV creates that point of connection.

STORY:GNV is a conference presented by Self Narrate, bringing together practitioners of story from diverse industries in Gainesville. The topic that everyone will be speaking on is multifaceted: Growth through story. We will be focusing on three applications of story as a growth tool: Personal, Organizational, and Community Growth through story.  If you register to attend, you may hear a dynamic talk about how story is being used as a tool to build Gainesville, or how story helps achieve business goals, or how you can better yourself and your relationships through storytelling.

Personal Growth, Organizational Growth, and Community Growth make up the three “tracks” of STORY:GNV. You can stay in the same track for the entire conference, or you can wander from track to track if another session topic interests you.

STORY:GNV brings together the storytellers who are creating the culture of our community.

Personal Growth

Storytelling is an extremely effective tool for personal growth. You can't begin to grapple with your identity without knowing who you are. One of the best ways to develop deeper personal understanding is to develop your life's story. Much has been written on this subject (Self Narrate even wrote a book about it). At STORY:GNV you will hear from three experts who will speak on how you can incorporate story techniques into your life to innovate and expand your understanding of yourself and the world around you.

Organizational Growth

It has been said that storytelling will be the most important skill of the next 5 years. Being able to tell your story and tell it well helps you reach your organizational goals in a number of different, innovative ways. From marketing, to team-building, to client relationships, every corner of the business environment can be improved by incorporating storytelling techniques. At STORY:GNV, you'll learn from some of the best organizational storytellers in the area how they are using storytelling techniques to enhance their organizations.

Community Growth

A Community grows when the stories of its citizens are shared. Gainesville is constantly growing and changing, so it is more important than ever before that we define, understand and contextualize the story of our city. This way, we can write the best story for Gainesville's future, together.
At STORY:GNV a number of community leaders will be speaking about how we can use story as an innovative tool to grow and build our beautiful community together.

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